Dream Circle Dream Circle


Lost Art

Album Track Listing

1. So Many Things 04:15
2. Original 04:06
3. Dreams 03:19
4. You Remind Me Feat. Stephanie Morillo 04:12
5. The Hurricane 04:40
6. Dark Star 03:20
7. Patience 04:29
8. Space Born 05:21
9. School of Life Feat. Johnny Voltik 03:56
10. The Medicine Man 05:09
11. Sea of Tranquility Feat. Oa 04:34
12. Él Duerme 04:21

About the project

LOST ART is a spiritualized, genre-bending journey into electronic, house, hip-hop, dub reggae and African music. Dream Circle’s debut album also features space-hopper Johnny Voltik dropping his unique blend of soul on “School of Life”. On “You Remind Me,” Dominican poet and songstress Stephanie Morillo’s dreamy vocals glide over tabla drums and take the listener to another dimension. The album’s other standout tracks are “So Many Things”, “Dark Star, “The Hurricane” and the dub reggae infused “Original”.

“I am extremely grateful to have received these messages of universal love and consciousness,” says Joel Mejia aka Azusu about their first collection “LOST ART”. “It may sound esoteric, but music is magical. It doesn’t come from a place that we typically have access to unless we open ourselves up. We did just that and received this music. We wanted it to uplift people and have a vibratory effect on them. It’s not casual listening, but active listening,” he adds.

Album Review

“Lost Art greatly focuses on creating beautiful, thick ambient textures by layering synths and vocals. With a subtle sense of mystery, this album still maintains a dreamy and feel-good vibe.”
- - Freeplay Music