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Lost Art (The Pherixx Remixes)

Budding producer and composer, Pherixx puts his spin on his favorite tracks from Dream Circle’s debut, Lost Art. In remix fashion, each track provides an interesting take on the original version. From the dance-floor friendly retro house remix of ”The Hurricane” to a futuristic hip-hop remix of the dub-reggae infused ”Original”, to ”School of Life” which features rapper, Los the Light Bearer, and the lush downtempo re-imaginings of ”Space Born” and ”Dark Star”, Pherixx undoubtedly breathes new life into the songs.
Check out the remix video for Dark Star (Pherixx Remix) here>

Track Listing:

1) School of Life featuring Los the Light Bearer (Pherixx Remix)
2) Space Born (Pherixx Remix)
3) Dark Star (Pherixx Remix)
4) Original (Pherixx Remix)
5) So Many Things (Pherixx House Remix)
6) The Hurricane (Pherixx Remix)

See pics from the Nov 20th release party.

Album Review

This “Dark Star” remix is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Dream Circle’s dazzling electronic work. Combining a love for world music, art, and activism, the Brooklyn-based trio has a ton of worthwhile material. In addition to this fantastic remix (and original), other highlights from the group include the stylishly infectious remix of “Original”, also by Pherixx.
- ObscureSound.com